“The Boogie is a magical night where we women gather together and connect through our love of dancing. It’s such a welcoming space, whatever your age or background, whether you come solo or with friends. It moves me every time to see women so happy and lit up by the freedom to dance however the music takes them without feeling self-conscious, just relishing in getting their own unique boogie on!”



Hi, I’m Rachel.

Creator. Teacher. Dancer. DJ. Founder of The Boogie…

Dance, well-being, and the healing arts have been my lifelong loves and study. I’ve worked with women for over 17 years, offering spaces for them to come back home to them-selves through many ways, including yoga, movement, and dance. The vision for The Boogie came to me in 2011 and evolved out of my work and my own desire for a relaxing and elevating night out dancing in a friendly vibe. The concept was inspired by a fun afternoon dancing with my mum and daughter and a transformational time I spent living on Ibiza. I set out to create a space where women of all ages could get together and enjoy our collective love of a great boogie. Over the years The Boogie has evolved and now moves in to her biggest and brightest incarnation so far for 2019. I’m truly excited. I love creating The Boogie and being a part of it on the night; the connections, the sense of freedom and joy that are experienced are truly elevating and even transformational for some. This is my dream. A night filled with many happy and smiling women, dancing freely for their own pleasure and enjoyment, in an atmosphere filled with great music and soul-nourishing vibes.

Come join me and this like-minded tribe for an enlivening and magical evening together for body, heart, and soul.

See you on the dance-floor!


Rachel Hinton
Rachel, Founder of The Boogie Dance Night for Women

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Saturday 19th October 2019